Monday, December 6, 2010


Hi. Salam.

WATCH by means "jam", not "tengok".

Okay. So, My esprit watch dah hancur berkecai, and I keep bugging my ayah to tukarkan the tali because I am too malas to even go to the watch shop and suruh tkar ntah pape ni (Padahal, no money, no talk. haha) .

So, while I was in Batu Pahat yesterday, my ayah decided to bring me to the classic hour shop. It's a watch shop lah for sure. And there, my ayah ask me to choose lah what watch I want. I was like,whatttt? I don't have money lah ayah. And he said, "ayah blanjalah. But, bear in minds, you have your limits lah yea." I was okayyyyy. *drooolllsss*

My ayah knew that I really want this one watch from adidas. I mean, REEEAAALLLYYYYY want. It was super flaaaayy. I was super excited to buy that watch, butttt, we don't have any watch shops that sold adidas watch here in Batu Pahat. Even in this shop. We do have Adidas boutique, but, No, I can't find it. Even, my second choice yang daripada French Connection (FCUK) pun takde. Pffft. I was.. dissapointed. Full stop.

So, I decided to buy my watch in Kuala Lumpur lah. But, my ayah force me to buy the watch here, in Batu Pahat. "Banyak lah ika yang lawa-lawa ni. Choose lah" Then, when I choose the esprit watch, dia macam "Ika, this is tooo biasa lah.Lagipun, dulu dah belikan esprit punya jam" I was like, "Derr? Ika tak nak macam kakak tu. It's too gurly lah ayah". I punya buat alasan macam-macam lahh sebab nak adidas punya jugak tak kira.

*hentak-hentak kaki*

Ayah I boleh kata, adidas tu boyish lah, ade ciplak lah,apelah. Tengok, dia punya trick nak suruh anak dia beli jam kan? Ahaha and then, dye tunjuk this one design, I was like... *kaching*kaching*

haha So, this is my watch now. I'm happy and super flaaaaaaa~

"The" Box.

*drum rollsss*

" Hello baby. I'm your new mummy. I promise to take good care of you. Don't cha worry. I laf u"
Ngehehe meet my Baby Bonia :)

The black one is metal I guest, but the white one, it's ceramic.
Uh-oh! I'm in love :)

Thank you ayah. Kalau takde ayah, tak tentu lagi merasa pakai jam mahal *wink* You make the right choice for choosing me this watch coz u knew kan, walau semahal mana pun that watch, kalau Ika tak suka, I won't wear it. But this one, for sure. Tido pun pakai. *senyum gedik*

I love you Ayah.
Not because you bought me this watch.
It's because you know your daughter well enough and for that, I love you :)

Thank you!

ttyl lovelies :)

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