Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank you,

Hi. Salam.

Fuhhh! Alhamdulillah. Just now, I feel like writing something, but then, when I online and open my lappy, evertythings gone. *pufff* Just like that you know. How old I am now. Always forgetting things and all. Aiyoo. Well, after I took a bath, take my wudu' so that I can sleep calmly tonight, I feel so.... Hmmmm calm. Everythings getting better now. Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah :)

Subject #1. Ayah

I mean, ayah always be my awesome father! I mean, even I do dissapoint him a lot, I mean A LOT, he still make me laugh and tell me to keep doing what I like. He also said to me that, what ever it is, I am still. forever still, Her Daughter :') Ouh, how I love you, ayah. I do!

Subject#2. Love.

He still, i mean forever still my love, my sweetheart. Even he hurt me, I still want to try my best to be his number one girl. Even they say, it will only happen in my dreams, that will be fine for me. Only by dreaming can make me feel the loves, than I will keep on dreaming. Wise man do said that, sometimes dreams do come true, right? So, I have faith in this, and I will keep "doa" for it. InshaAllah.

Subject#3. Life.

I will try my best to make my life better, InshaAllah. Like ayah told me, in life, we should always believe in faith. Not forgetting the hardwork thingy lah for sure. And also, in life, we should.. No! we MUST have plans. Plans for our life, future and all. So, we know how to lead ourself so that we can achieve the goal that we made. Yes, when you have goal, you will go for it ! :) And, as always, I wanna be a better human been, appreciate life and all the things that Allah give to me. I want to be a better person, step by step. InshaAllah.

Done with the talking, I think, this life starts now :)

Good night lovelies,

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