Thursday, December 2, 2010

The social network?

Hi. Salam.
Last night, I went to e@curve with kekasih to watch "the social network" movie. What makes we want to watch this movie is because of the poster. The poster really caught my eyes. I really want to know who wants to be Mark Zuckerberg (forgive me if I'm wrong) enemies? He is a young billionaire. Everyone wants to be his friend. Well, I am. Err.. okay.

I must say that, The movie was awesome but they talk fast. i mean, really fast. Seriously. But, it was entertaining.. for me. The jokes and all are preety much lame but I mean, they are all genius kot. So maybe, all the genius people in the world make jokes like that. I don't know. Haha Well, after I watch this movie, I am impress with the facebook creator. Well, he is a nerd who wants to live like "others". Others is actually referred to "the cool" people. But, he doesn't realize that he actually is one of them. For God sake, he can godam (?) the Harvard University Internet Connection while he was drunk? Come on! It's cool! Even people who aren't drunk can't do that. How cool is that, Mark?
Okay. Enough with the story. The enemies are his bestfriend, and few other geeks who actually thinks that Mark stole their ideas of the social network thingy. Whatever lah. Even we have friendster and myspace befor facebook, right? So, think.
The cast was awesome. The cast faces are similar to the real people itself.

Jesse Eisenberg play Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker (the founder of napster) and finally, Andrew Garfield play the part of Eduardo ( Mark bestfriend). How cool is that? Justin Timberlake yawww. *faint*

Okay. Enough with this.

Well, I have a very nice date with kekasih last night. He is preety much adorable for this past few days. Ya! This is him with his new red hair.

"Grrr. I love you."

Okay. That's about it.Tomorrow I will go back to my hometown, Batu Pahat because my mum will be back from Maccah this Sunday. Can't wait! Oh, before I end the story, for sure I will upload a pic that will make your day. What pic? waittt....


Ah! Found one.

This picture. Taraaaaaaaaaaa.

Ahahaha now, u won't miss me anymore :)


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