Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I am just a normal girl who just live a simple life. But, I have high expectation when it comes to love. I am currently listen to one in a million cover by a girl. Her voice is stunning! *tears fall*

Balik kepada topik asal, I really have high expectation when it comes to love. Maybe because I have been dumped for several times, been cheated uncounted times and all, so I'm a bit carefull with my love life. I am scared that I will be hurt over and over again.

I came from a broken family, maybe thats why I am overly serious about this matter you know. Or maybe my expectation on guys that I've been dated are overly over (?) Pfftt. I don't know.

Hmm I just want a guy who can spoil me, can told me that I'm beautiful even when I'm not, want to spent his time with me without me asking. Ah, is this to much a girl could ever ask for?

Well, FYI guys, this is the things that you will do for us,the girls, when you are preety much in lve with us, kan? But, what if you don't do this? Should we dumped you and find other guy that will treat us better than you do? should we? No. We will stay and ask you to love us. Until you tell us that U can't anymore. Then, we will leave you for goods. Idk why I wrote this stuff. I just wanna cry. Cry. -___-"
I want a guy who can treat me like this.
Not because he have to, but because he wants to.

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