Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh! Please.

Hi. Salam

Selalu nya, saya akan buat karangan panjang-panjang, sampai macam,amboi, kau ingat kau tulis karangan SPM ke? hahaha So, now, let the pictures do the talking. Wiseman said that picture could express thousand of word. So, let this pictures express how I miss my "gemuk" :')

oh ya! this is our last photo together. It was taken somewhere around June ke July, I'm not sure. Ouh! How I miss you, gemuk. Miss you so much. :'(


I hope I still have your heart,

take care love.

okay. sorry for the entry. I feel like wanted to spread the loveeeee today. Heeeee.

Sorry for the lovey-dovey-smoochy-smoochy-cryyy-baby entry. Tehhee~


1 comment:

fylzaa said...

moga bahagiaa. (:
im f0llowing u anyway. :D